The kindergarten “lilolei – Deutsch-Englischer Kindergarten e.V.” was found by Tülay Akin in April 2005. Originally, it was a private kindergarten. Since 2007, it is a registered, non-for-profit association in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, which provides whole-day, qualified, bilingual childcare.

Founder and manager of the kindergarten is Ms. Tülay Akin – registered educator. Her mission statement is the basis of “lilolei – Deutsch-Englischer Kindergarten e.V.”. It states the principles which guide the German-English kindergarten in its task to care for, support and educate children to become upstanding and responsible citizens. The basic thought is that the kindergarten constitutes an essential part in the children’s lives. As such it affects the life of the children and their families and friends. In our approach we place the children with their individual experiences and ways to construct knowledge in the center and assist them to reflect upon and process their experiences. The children actively strive to understand and construct their surroundings, so that they can feel safe. This pedagogical concept provides the guidelines which every team member should follow.


The non-for-profit association is the provider of the kindergarten. It has seven members and was found in 2007. Initiator, CEO, business executive, principal, and contact person is Ms. Tülay Akin – registered educator. Vice chairman and vice principal is Ms. Veronica Vandamme.

Any changes are discussed and voted on during the annual meeting with all members.