Criteria for Acceptance


We accept children from 12 months on. Independent of nationality or religious view, we ensure a balance between age as well as gender.  Priority is given to sibling children and English speaking children. One to two times a year, we have an open day. On this day, parents and other interested persons can look at the kindergarten and find out about our philosophy and pedagogical work with the children.

To ensure that parents are convinced that they have chosen the right kindergarten, we offer visiting days free of charge.

Because of the rising demand and the unpredictable changes in the families’ life situations, we do not keep a waiting list.

Signing of the Contract:

Before completing the legally required contracts, we document the specific needs of the child such as eating habits and allergies. Furthermore, the parents receive information about our policies regarding health and an emergency contact sheet, both of which are discussed in detail. These will be used and followed in the case of a child showing signs of illness.