Parent Cooperation

Parent cooperation is vital. Parents are the most important people to their children. We have regular parent evenings and short, informal conversations to communicate and exchange information. Information about the day-to-day running of the kindergarten and upcoming dates are posted on the parent information wall. We also communicate important dates via email. Furthermore, we conduct parent talks to inform the parents about their child’s development. Although we are always approachable, we set clear rules and structures, which we talk about in a detailed introductory meeting.


Parents can spend some time observing the day to day running of the kindergarten, share their resources, and are important to create a trusting and cooperative environment. In the cloak room, parents find a letterbox for requests or suggestions to ensure anonymity, if needed. Transparency, exchange of information, appreciation, recognition and good will are paramount. In order to build a foundation of trust, we invite the parents to an afternoon of art and craft with their child twice a year. We regularly distribute evaluation sheets and questionnaires to the parents in order to receive effective feedback regarding the pedagogical work with the children and adults.

PTA Meetings

Once a month, we discuss relevant topics with the parent representatives.

Requests and Suggestions

The lilolei-team welcomes open talks, requests and suggestions from the parents.