Public Relations

Our cooperation with public institutions makes our pedagogical work transparent to the community.

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In 2013, we participated in the external evaluation and received 4 stars.

Cooperation with public institutions

The kindergarten works together with a number of organisations such as:

  • The police to support the children’s traffic education,
  • The fire department, recycling organisations and the forest ranger to foster the children’s environmental awareness,
  • Bahnhofsmission, to organize and carry out clothing drives,
  • Stadtbad Wilmersdorf (swimming pool), where the children are taking their swimming lessons,
  • Stadtbibliothek Bezirk Wilmersdorf (local library), where most children receive their first library card and learn the proper and careful use of media,
  • Haus der Jugend Anne Frank Wilmersdorf, where the children view plays on a regular basis,
  • Museums, Berlin Zoo, Aquarium and planetarium, to nurture the children’s urge to research and learn.


Together with the children, we have decided to sponsor an underprivileged, orphaned child from the third world. This allows the children to experience that they can actively show solidarity by offering support so that the child’s and its family’s situation can be improved in a sustainable way. If you wish to find out more about our sponsor child, please approach us.