Sufficient staff is employed to provide the wide spectrum of offers and the supervision of the children.

  • Head educator,  40 hours per week
  • Deputy head educator, 40 hours per week
  • Educator, 40 hours per week
  • Educator, 30 hours per week
  • Educator, native English speaking educator, 40 hours per week
  • Native English speaker, 40 hours per week

Furthermore, we employ trained staff, such as a native English speaking children’s yoga teacher, swimming instructors and other staff on a casual basis. In cases where a staff member is ill or the group is doing a special activity, additional casual staff is used to ensure the smooth running of the kindergarten. We are also a teaching kindergarten, offering on the job training to apprentices and ‘Anerkennungsjahrpraktikanten’ (interns, who have completed their school based training). We are also offering internships.


Criteria for Acceptance


We accept children from 12 months on. Independent of nationality or religious view, we ensure a balance between age as well as gender.  Priority is given to sibling children and English speaking children. One to two times a year, we have an open day. On this day, parents and other interested persons can look at the kindergarten and find out about our philosophy and pedagogical work with the children.

To ensure that parents are convinced that they have chosen the right kindergarten, we offer visiting days free of charge.

Because of the rising demand and the unpredictable changes in the families’ life situations, we do not keep a waiting list.

Signing of the Contract:

Before completing the legally required contracts, we document the specific needs of the child such as eating habits and allergies. Furthermore, the parents receive information about our policies regarding health and an emergency contact sheet, both of which are discussed in detail. These will be used and followed in the case of a child showing signs of illness.

Class size


At Lilolei, all children aged 1 to school age are in one group. There are 30 children in the group. For certain pedagogical activities such as pre-school classes or children’s yoga we separate the children according to age or developmental level. This allows us to cater for the children’s individual needs.


The kindergarten is split into two separate areas.

On the left hand side of the Kita ‘Lilolei’, is a large room which is used for a variety of activities, free play as well as for meal times. Next to it is the ABC room, which is also used for pre-school classes. This room also contains the change table. Furthermore, the left hand side contains a cloak room, kitchen and toilet facilities for the children, educators and visitors.


The right hand side of the kindergarten contains the office.

room (7)

Opposite the office is the sleeping room for our children. The sleeping room also has two change tables.

Next to the sleeping room is a play room. It is used as a multi-purpose room. Among other activities, it is used for the morning circle, yoga and certain pedagogical programs and activities, mainly for the U3 children (children under the age of 3). It was specifically designed to cater for these children.

When designing the kindergarten, we focused on using friendly colours and age appropriate furniture, which caters for the needs of the children. Children and adults can easily navigate their way around the kindergarten ‘Lilolei’ and feel safe. Although we value organization and order, we continue to redesign the rooms together with the children. The design of the rooms shall give a sense of comfort, warmth and safety.

The Art room is located at the end of a long hall way which is used to show case the children’s art work. It is important to us to nurture the children’s creativity and imagination. Therefore, we provide sufficient materials in the supply room.


The kindergarten is located in a refurbished ‘Altbau’ in Wilmersdorf, in the West of Berlin. Its location in Pfalzburger Str. is close to the city, quiet and close to public transport. The kindergarten is close to Nelson-Mandela-School, a library, many parks, a range of shops and possibilities for excursions. Furthermore, it is surrounded by many playgrounds. The Berlin district Wilmersdorf has about 315.000 inhabitants. It is considered the “City-District” of the West part of Berlin featuring the Kurfürsten Damm as its vibrant center. Its Shopping Miles with exclusive boutiques and cafés are main attractions for tourists from all over the world. The western part of Berlin Wilmersdorf provides the benefits of a relaxing and good neighborhood while being close to the city. The center of Wilmersdorf however seems like a small town featuring quiet, family-friendly residential areas with apartment buildings from the beginning of the 20th century, many parks and playgrounds.


The kindergarten “lilolei – Deutsch-Englischer Kindergarten e.V.” was found by Tülay Akin in April 2005. Originally, it was a private kindergarten. Since 2007, it is a registered, non-for-profit association in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, which provides whole-day, qualified, bilingual childcare.

Founder and manager of the kindergarten is Ms. Tülay Akin – registered educator. Her mission statement is the basis of “lilolei – Deutsch-Englischer Kindergarten e.V.”. It states the principles which guide the German-English kindergarten in its task to care for, support and educate children to become upstanding and responsible citizens. The basic thought is that the kindergarten constitutes an essential part in the children’s lives. As such it affects the life of the children and their families and friends. In our approach we place the children with their individual experiences and ways to construct knowledge in the center and assist them to reflect upon and process their experiences. The children actively strive to understand and construct their surroundings, so that they can feel safe. This pedagogical concept provides the guidelines which every team member should follow.


The non-for-profit association is the provider of the kindergarten. It has seven members and was found in 2007. Initiator, CEO, business executive, principal, and contact person is Ms. Tülay Akin – registered educator. Vice chairman and vice principal is Ms. Veronica Vandamme.

Any changes are discussed and voted on during the annual meeting with all members.